Sneeze Guards Gilbert

Sneeze Guards Gilbert

Plexiglass Shields + Cubicle Panel Extenders

Affordable, Expertly Crafted Custom and In-Stock Plexiglass Sneeze Guard Panels in Gilbert, Arizona

With worsening cold and flu seasons, businesses and commercial organizations in Gilbert, Arizona, are searching for high-quality safety solutions to protect staff and customer health throughout the year. Barrier Lab offers the most outstanding protection with our array of plexiglass shields and sneeze guards in Gilbert. Give us a call or go online to shop for effective and affordable protective equipment.

Sneeze guards are a valuable tool for slowing the spread of viruses and other contagious illnesses. The transparent plexiglass barriers block airborne particles from coughs, sneezes, and talking while limiting contact between two people. With the added layer of protection between employees and customers, it’s easy to keep transmission levels low within the workplace.

We provide protective products like plexiglass food shields, wholesale acrylic sheets, and custom sneeze guards, establishments across Gilbert and the surrounding Arizona areas can remain safe from contagious illnesses. Our Gilbert sneeze guards are a great addition to high-traffic locations in establishments such as:

  • Reception desks
  • Office spaces
  • Operatories
  • Fitness equipment
  • Casino areas
  • Checkout counters
  • Custom solutions
  • And more

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We offer many in-stock acrylic panel options for sneeze barriers as well as custom cut-to-order panels and mounting hardware. We will help find the best possible solution for each project!

Get Protection in Any Industry With Sneeze Guards

Barrier Lab strives to engineer the highest quality safety equipment such as sneeze guards, mobile plexiglass barriers, and privacy partitions. We work with a variety of industries, supplying outstanding customer service and a superior sneeze guard product to enterprises in Gilbert, Arizona. Our Gilbert sneeze guards are fantastic protective solutions for any of the following types of industries and organizations:


Of course, the odds of contracting a contagious illness in a medical facility are much higher than at other establishments, with infected patients posing a risk to other patients and dedicated staff members. Make high-traffic areas in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and more kinds of medical facilities with Gilbert sneeze guards from Barrier Lab.


Our effective safety equipment is essential for reception areas, waiting rooms, and other places where the potential for virus transmission is high. We help protect many unique medical facilities, such as:

  • Dental offices
  • Eye care clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Chiropractic clinics


Barrier Lab also provides protective equipment for entertainment venues so staff and guests can remain comfortable while enjoying a show or consuming other entertainment. We offer sneeze guards for Gilbert, AZ casinos, concert venues, stadiums, and so much more.

  • Movie theaters
  • Casinos
  • Sports stadiums
  • And more

Health & Fitness

Gyms and fitness centers are typically the place people go to get healthy, but high respiratory rates in these establishments increase the risk of catching a contagious airborne illness like the cold or flu.

Keep gym-goers and staff safe with sneeze guards for gyms in Gilbert, Arizona. Barrier Lab also works with several other pools, spas, and training facilities, offering solutions to effectively reduce virus transmission in various areas of your fitness facility. 

  • Spas
  • Reception desks
  • Gyms
  • CrossFit


Find high-quality food safety shields for fast-food locations, restaurants, cafes, buffets, and more at Barrier Lab. Our food safety barriers bring an added layer of protection to high-traffic places where the potential for illness transmission is high.

We’re proud to meet all HACCP guidelines with our Gilbert, AZ food safety shields and sneeze guards. Go online to get started with the best safety solutions for foodservice establishments in Gilbert, Arizona, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Restaurants
  • Fast-food establishments

Affordable Plexiglass Barriers for Gilbert Businesses

Outfit your Gilbert business, organization, or enterprise with our outstanding safety solutions. Shop with ease online for sneeze guards, cubicle panel extenders, cleaning products, and more at Barrier Lab.

Sneeze Guard Panels & Barriers

Give staff and customers peace of mind and put their health concerns first when you finally install sneeze guards from Barrier Lab. We offer the best budget-friendly sneeze guards and wholesale acrylic sheets for businesses and organizations in Gilbert, Arizona.

Use our valuable plexiglass barriers to block infectious airborne particles from traveling between people during daily interactions. We make Gilbert sneeze guards that are great for a multitude of booming industries.

Cubicle Extender Panels and Brackets

Cubicles are an excellent way for large offices to offer protection to employees during cold and flu season. The high walls help reduce the spread of serious illnesses such as the cold or flu. Find cubicle panel extenders with durable aluminum brackets at Barrier Lab.

These durable acrylic sheets easily install on the top of existing cubicle walls, offering an added layer of protection in lively office spaces. Contact Barrier Lab to learn more about our sneeze guards for offices in Gilbert, AZ.

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers

At Barrier Lab, you’ll find an abundance of in-stock sneeze guards available with nationwide shipping, but sometimes, our ready-to-ship items just aren’t the right fit. Create custom sneeze guards in Gilbert, Arizona, with the assistance of our industry-leading team of engineers and designers. Don’t settle for a plexiglass shield that doesn’t suit your needs; contact Barrier Lab now to begin your custom sneeze guard design with our experienced team today.

The Best Safety Solutions in Gilbert Are at Barrier Lab

Barrier Lab is proud to provide practical, affordable sneeze guards so schools, restaurants, and other businesses and organizations in Gilbert, Arizona. Our plexiglass safety shields offer additional protection to employees and customers if any infectious airborne particles travel through shared airways.

Always go with Barrier Lab to receive the greatest Gilbert sneeze guards for your commercial establishment. We know precisely what kinds of protective equipment your Arizona enterprise needs, from custom sneeze guard solutions to in-stock safety items with nationwide shipping.

Go online now to explore our wide range of practical protective equipment online to find the perfect fit for your facility and ensure visitors and employees feel safe as they visit stores, restaurants, or other commercial establishments. Contact Barrier Lab today to get started with the best sneeze guards for sale in Gilbert, AZ.