Mobile Privacy Room Divider


Portable, sound-absorbing walls make for great room dividers in any office setting. The durable metal-framed design is built to last within any commercial or industrial setting! Reduce noise and promote social distancing without major construction or expensive cubicle partitions. Our mobile privacy dividers are have been designed and manufactured in the USA from domistically sourced materials.

Sound Dampening Mobile Walls

  • Acoustic privacy screens allow for modular workspace
  • Available with or without smooth-rolling rubberized caster wheels
  • Tackable material
  • Made in the USA
  • Choose from many color options to fit your office

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Quality Room Dividers at Affordable Prices

Dividing rooms big or small is made easy with customizable rolling room partitions. Within minutes you can create modular work areas for meetings, presentations, or for simply expanding your workforce. With nearly endless applications throughout all industries, we guarantee you’ll find your team using the mobile privacy barrier daily. Increase your employee’s productivity by providing excellent privacy and a sound dampened environment. Furthermore, our mobile room dividers make for great presentation boards! The tackable material can be used to display a wide range of posters and infographics.

Workplace Privacy Made Easy

Privacy is important to everyone — especially students and employees. Expand the capabilities of your classroom like never before, allowing for smaller collaborative groups that foster creativity without distractions. With the wide array of colors available you can still maintain a fun and uplifting atmosphere that many start-ups and tech companies strive for. Customize your mobile room divider to suit your needs to a T. Utilize our PRYVC material, clear or frosted acrylic, or a combination of the two — this flexibility gives you the freedom to allow natural light through all while reducing noise.

Replace Systems Furniture

Why purchase cubicles that can only be configured in one layout? With mobile PRYVC barriers you are in control of the layout of your office in real-time… within minutes you can rearrange your floorplan to better fit your growing companies needs. Never again be at the mercy of expensive office installation contractors to add or remove workstations. In fact, ultra-modular office furniture is one of the fastest-growing options in the industry. Using mobile partitions in conjunction with standing desks is more popular than ever. Thousands of businesses are making the switch and couldn’t be happier.

Save Money, Save Time

Compared to traditional office cubicles, mobile partitions can save you time, money, and headaches. Brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and HON charge on average $3,500 per workstation PLUS installation, which can range from $300-500 per cubicle. With mobile room dividers, you can assemble them with nothing more than simple hand tools in less than 30 minutes. If you ever need to move offices, expand or downsize you won’t need to hire professionals to disassemble and move cubicles, potentially saving you thousands… again.



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Zinc, Nickel, Armor, Cast, Dune, Driftwood, Mineral, Ebony, Admiral, Dusk, Emerald, Nightfall, Citrine, Aries, Jasper


With Casters, Without Casters


72" H x 36"W, 72"H x 48"W, 72"H x 72"W

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