Plastic Sneeze Guards

Plastic Sneeze Guards

Barrier Lab understands that business owners across the United States and Canada need simple and easy solutions to promote health and safety in their space. By installing plastic sneeze guards, you can cut down on the number of airborne germs spread – whether from coughs, sneezes, talking, or even just breathing. In addition, your patrons and customers will feel so much safer when they see the transparent barriers in your space. Plastic sneeze guards are one of the best options for businesses looking for the proper safety solutions. 

Promoting Safety in Your Space

There are a handful of ways that business owners can promote safety in their spaces. No matter what industry you operate in, keeping staff and customers safe is a top priority. Concert venues, restaurants, dental offices, gyms, and more can all make great use of plastic sneeze guards from Barrier Lab. 

In addition to installing barriers in your space, you can provide personal protection equipment to staff, create rigorous cleaning protocols, and promote social distancing in your space. Plastic sneeze guards can be installed in high-traffic areas to stop the spread of germs, such as:

  • Retail spaces
  • Spa and salon areas
  • Workout facilities
  • Reception desks
  • Office spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Bathrooms
  • Casinos 

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We offer many in-stock acrylic panel options for sneeze barriers as well as custom cut-to-order panels and mounting hardware. We will help find the best possible solution for each project!

How Do Plastic Sneeze Guards Work?

It’s no secret that droplets can spread when people talk, sneeze, or cough into the air. These droplets could be infectious, whether the person knows it or not. When plastic sneeze guards are present in your space, those airborne particles are stopped in their tracks. The transparent barriers create a shield so that germs have a lesser chance of spreading and infecting other people. 

When infectious airborne particles find their way into another person’s mouth, nose, or even eyes, they can become infected. Whether someone has a cold, the flu, or something worse, their droplets mustn’t spread throughout your space, perhaps infecting more people. Businesses can take advantage of the easy and reliable safety solutions provided by Barrier Lab. 

Many industries are already utilizing our plastic sneeze guards in areas such as:

  • Reception desks
  • Waiting areas
  • Office cubicles
  • Cashier counters
  • Operating rooms
  • Rideshare cars 
  • Public restrooms
  • Conference rooms

Barrier Lab Plastic Sneeze Guard Options

Barrier Lab is proud to provide a number of different styles and sizes of plastic sneeze guards. You can find the best safety solutions from our pre-made barriers or choose to customize your sneeze guards to fit your space. With high-quality materials and manufacturing in the United States, our transparent shields are the best on the market. 

Sneeze Guard Panels + Barriers

We offer both hanging panels and countertop sneeze guards. In addition, our countertop option can come with a pass-through window for cashiers and reception desks. 

Cubicle Panel Extenders

Our cubicle panel extenders are the best option for offices looking to add plastic sneeze guards to their space, with durable aluminum brackets and transparent shields. 

Custom Sneeze Guards + Protective Barriers 

Are you having trouble finding the right size sneeze guard for your Reno business? Then let us make a custom one for you. Barrier Lab is happy to create custom shields for your space. Just let our team of expert designers and engineers know what you’re looking for, and they will get started right away.

Plastic Sneeze Guards for Every Industry

It doesn’t matter what industry your business operates in; when people are gathered in a space of any size, there is a risk of germs spreading. If you want to protect your staff and your customers, then plastic sneeze guards are the way to go. Listed below are some of the most popular industries that trust Barrier Lab for their reliable safety solutions. 


Entertainment venues of any kind have to account for crowds of people. Staying safe is made easier with plastic sneeze guards installed at ticket counters, concession stands or bars, bathrooms, and even between seating sections. Here are several examples of entertainment venues that are successfully utilizing plastic sneeze guards:

  • Concert venues
  • Theaters
  • Casinos
  • Movie theaters
  • Sports stadiums

Food Service

Nothing is more critical in the food service industry than health and safety. Keep employees and customers safe in your restaurant, cafe, or grocery store by installing plastic sneeze guards. The transparent barriers can stop airborne particles from spreading between people or even from getting onto your food or other products. Barrier Lab offers the perfect safety solutions for the food service industry, including: 

  • Grocery stores
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Self-serve restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Coffee Shops
  • Buffets


Medical and healthcare facilities need a way to keep patients and staff safe. Even with protective equipment and strict cleaning procedures, there’s a chance of germs spreading. Stop airborne particles from circulating by placing plastic sneeze guards in key areas. Here are a few facilities that can benefit from transparent shields:

  • Primary care offices
  • Hospitals
  • Dental clinics
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Eye care clinics
  • Allergy clinics


Any gym or fitness center can become a breeding ground for infection, as people breathe heavily and release more droplets into the air. Installing plastic sneeze guards between fitness equipment, in locker rooms, and within other shared spaces will slow down the spread of germs. Consider installing transparent shields from Barrier Lab if you operate in the health and wellness space, including:

  • Gyms
  • Fitness centers
  • Pools
  • Spas
  • CrossFit centers
  • Yoga studios

Providing Safety and Protection for Your Business

To keep your business running safely and smoothly, install plastic sneeze guards throughout your space. Customers and staff alike will appreciate the added safety measures, and feel safe coming to your business. Whether you have a large movie theater or a small retail shop, utilizing transparent barriers will cut down on the number of germs spread, leading to less infections and health risks for patrons and staff. Check out the plastic sneeze guard options from Barrier Lab or get started on a custom design today!