Addressing Major Health Concerns in Casinos

Not too long ago, you could primarily only find casinos in two locations in the United States: Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Now, the industry is continuously expanding, with nearly 500 casinos in operation across 24 different states. With all the growth and revenue potential associated with the casino industry, it’s no surprise that casino […]

Why Portable Sneeze Guards are Perfect for Fitness Centers

Public health has become a priority for businesses across the country. As a result, companies are trying to find the best ways to keep their doors open without exposing their employees or customers to colds, the flu, or other contagious viruses. Fitness centers are no stranger to this dilemma. Exercise has many benefits, such as […]

Where to Place Plexiglass in Your Dental Office

It has never been more critical to keep staff and patients safe at dental clinics. With airborne germs quickly spreading in enclosed spaces, dental offices can take a number of safety measures to protect everyone.  Placing plexiglass shields in various key areas is just the start. By stopping any airborne particles from spreading, your staff […]